Monday, January 7, 2013


Life feels like it is spinning WAY. TOO. FAST!!!

Eviee and I have been sick a lot lately. We can't seem to shake all this junk.
We got TWO PUPPIES IN ONE DAY!!!! (post coming)
The house is driving me nuts! I'm ready to get it feeling like "home". I need to go shopping.
Speeching of shopping I haven't yet been because one we've been sick and two we are going to change this year. We are going to SAVE. SAVE. SAVE.
I am budgeting everything!!!!
My car needs a oil change NOW!
My hair looks like crap, but I just haven't had the time. But I can say this, it's getting done soon and it's all gonna be one color again. NO MORE HIGHLIGHTS at least for now :)
Had some fluid taken out of my band because I wasn't able to eat or drink for over 48 hours and wouldn't it be my luck I finally get on the scale and Ive gained two pounds! DAMN IT!
I want the weather to warm up. I need to be putting my four miles in but it's so dang cold!!!
Sean just a birthday! My man is now 38! Two more years till he's 40 WOW!!! And I love him. Gray hair and all! (hair as in his beard LOL).
New Years Goal??? Yep post to come.
I need a new camera like SO FREAKING BAD.
Eviee is just days away from being 18 months!!!!!!
Speeching of 18 months we have a few new things in store for Eviee. The pacy, all of them will be going in the trash ALL. AT. ONCE. Also we are going to start potty training! Don't worry Ive trained at least 60 kids so I'm pretty sure I can train my girl (she's extra smart) And I am going to be doing "school time" with her a few times a week!
I guess that's about it!!! 

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