Monday, February 11, 2013

18 months

Well here we are just days away from Eviee turning 19 months. (I'm always late with these) I'll spear you on the "Time needs to slow down" spill I give every time I write one of these.

So here is what Eviee is doing now a days....

She can sing here ABC's
She can count to 10
She knows ALL of her body parts
She will not touch milk now
She is still a really good eater. But she is starting to go through the phase where it takes her a while to try anything new.
She is running everywhere.
Still loves to be outside
Loves to take a bath.
Still hates brushing her teeth.
Loves to dance.
Loves music.
Talking like crazy. She will say anything you ask her to say.
She has finally gained some weight and is up to 24 lbs.
She wears 18 month clothing.
Size 4 shoe
Size 4 diaper
We are starting potty training this week!
She is a great helper! She will do anything you ask her to do.
Still a mommy's girls.
She is crazy about these puppies.
She loves to walk around the house with a wipe and "clean"
She now ask for her hair bows. (THAT'S MY GIRL)
She loves cats. (Sean and I are both praying she overcomes this as we HATE cats)
She is getting two more teeth in. (two left)
I just bought her sliver sparkly Bob's (shoes) today and she loves them!!!! She has been walking around looking down at here feet. She is definitely going to be a girly girl.
Her hair looks like it is going to be curly.
She loves fruit.
Loves yogurt.
She loves stuffed animals.
And she is still totally is ahh over her big brother.

Eviee is my dream come true. I never really cared about getting married. But I knew my whole life I wanted to be a mommy. But she is so much better then a dream. She is so amazing! She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She is so smart, so sweet. She is a little goof ball. She is always laughing at something or making someone laugh. She is such a good natured baby and always has been. I will never know what I did to deserve the most perfect baby but I will always do my best to be the very best mommy because I have the very best baby. I am so lucky to have been chosen to be her mommy. I love you Eviee so very much! I love watching you grow everyday! I love being your mommy.

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