Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eviee's favorite things

I wanted to do a post on Eviee's favorite things so that ten years from now we can remember what she loved to play with, her favorite things to eat and some of the products we use on her.


Eviee's great grandma and grandpa got her this for Christmas and she loves to play with it. She walks around holding the tea cup saying "tea" and then hands you the other cup and clinks them together saying "cheers". HAHA she is so funny!

This wagon is supposed to be used to pull toys around but Eviee thinks its "her ride". LOL she will climb into it and yell "momma ull" wanting me to pull her around.

She still loves to look and listen to books. I hope she is always does.

Girl after my own heart. She loves baby dolls and babies. She will would make a great big sister ;)

Eviee has five thousand other toys that don't get played with to much but hey a girl likes what a girl likes.


We fed these to Eviee when she was a "baby" and she still loves them so I still buy them! Hey whatever gets those veggies in!

And she still eats the puffs and melts

She loves yogurt! She would eat all day if her tummy could handle it. (they have soy but these dang stores around here can't make up their mind as to wether or not they want to carry it week to week)

And she loves cheese. Her yogurt and cheese she gets before noon or else she wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I hope she grows out of this lactose problem :(

Loves these fruit snacks

She eats these for breakfast ALOT!

Blueberries and strawberries are her favorite fruits!

I feed her a lot of Morning star products. All most of them Sean and I like too. No we are not vegetarians but who really needs to be eating that meat!

These are great!

Ok well I could go on and on because Eviee likes to eat A LOT! And I am always trying to find new healthy foods for her too eat. Also I just did a post on the Kale chips and Eviee loves them!!! I had to take the bag away from her!!!


Burt's Bee products are just amazing! I love everything they have and they make Eviee smell lovely!

We use Pampers diapers and wipes. We tried cloth diapers and wipes but..... this momma loves pampers.

She uses these cups

Britax is the best car seat EVER! We will never use anything else again!

Love this stroller.Just wish it was a tad smaller.

We use this now

But we are fixing to try this.

And we use this to carry all of Eviees things in. So cute!! We love owls!

Anyways these are just some things that our house has to have or Eviee or mommy wouldn't be to happy!,,.

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