Monday, February 25, 2013

From Ree too Dee Entry 2


This meal could not have been any more simple to make. It took me all of maybe 15 min to brown the meat and cut up the veggies. (my kind of meal)

When you have a little one running around easy is ALWAYS better.

Anyways the reason why I chose this meal is because it has mushrooms and garlic!!! Two of my favorite things in the world! I seriously eat garlic on just about anything I wonder how Sean kisses me sometimes LOL I LOVE GARLIC!

Red wine. Have you ever cooked with it? Me either I drink alot  sometimes but never have cooked with it. I just used what I had at the house and right now my house smells AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 But as far as the taste goes I myself think that this would be better cooked in a crock pot all day. The meat is still a little tough and I think it needs a little more seasoning. Sean likes it but thinks that it needs to be served over potatoes (he's such a man) LOL

The stew is served over egg noodles and I added peas just because the way I was raise you got to have a veggie as a side. (the veggies I mentioned about were just onion and garlic)

Y'all a few more of these post and your gonna be wishing I was your wife! HA!!!!

Follow the link and make this amazing stew!

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