Saturday, February 16, 2013

My mind is running

So I wrote awhile back that Sean's ex was AS ALWAYS being a BITCH and taking us back to court. With this being said we go in April and according to our Lawyer our child support will go up but we are throwing the ball back at her! More on this later but my hopes are we walk out of court with the bitch so pissed off! HEHE ok enough of the bad words (maybe).

I have now posted both of my dogs on craigslist! And the funny thing is I still have them. I have received so many replys with people wanting them but as soon as those replys start coming in I remember why I got them and remember how much Eviee loves them and I just can't let them go. I guess deep down I love them too even though they drive me INSANE! I have to much OCD issues to have a dog inside let alone two but here we are we have had them both almost 7 weeks and I'm still making it.

If you know me well then you know that I do not buy something unless I NEED it or unless the old one broke. ( this does not include Eviee lol) Well with that being said Sean finally got the flat screen TV he has been wanting (but we didn't need).  But the man deserves it and ten more on top of it! I know your problem laughing thinking she just now got one???? But really I don't see the point in buying new electronicss when they come out because lets face it you would be buying something everyday!  Anyways we have joined the rest of the world.

Do you find yourself getting so sick of eating the same thing everyday???? ME TOO! So I decided to cook my way through "beep beep's" cook book. I am also going to blog about this. (to my friend you know who you are I WILL WRITE A POST EACH NIGHT ON WHAT I MADE SO GET READY TO FALL OFF OUT OF YOUR CHAIR LOL). I am going to try and get the cook book this week and when I have it then I will un "beep" the name! LOL its early and I'm still working on my coffee.

I have talked about this house and how it needs updating. Well we have decided  that what will be best for us is to wait a year to do any "BIG" projects and work on getting savings built up and what "little" debt we have paid off.  We are still going to take our vacation although with us having to go back to court and paying a FREAKING SMALL FORTUNE for a lawyer I'm not sure that we are going to be able to make it all the way to GA but we are still going to try our best and when the times comes if we can't then we will just go somewhere a little closer to home. After we get back we are going to be working our way through the Dave Ramsey book. I know a few people who have done this and they say it was the best thing the ever did. Sean and I don't have alot of debt (at all) especially compared to some other people but we do have some and would like to take care of all of it this year. (this doesn't include the house or my new car). So this is our plan and I am praying that we can stick with it and make it work. If we can then we could have all the other little things paid off by October! That would be amazing!

I signed Eviee up for Mothers Day Out. It's a program that the local Baptist Church offers where your child comes one to two days a week for six hours a day. When we were pregnant with Eviee we had planned on sending her when she turned a year old. But I am just one of those people that truly believes each child is different and you just know weather or not they are ready for something. Well a year came and Eviee was ready but was having some "allergic reaction" problems and breaking out in hives all the time and I sure as heck wasn't going to send her then. But she hasn't had any problems in awhile so I think by the time September rolls around (that's when they start back up) that she will be more then ready to go. I know she will love being around all the other kids. And I know it will be good for her. Mommy may just cry every time I drop her off. NO LIE!

Did you know that in the State of AR that if you do not have a written will stating who your child's guardian shall be in the event that both parents die that your child will be place in foster care until it is decided in court???? The problem with this is what if you don't have anybody?  I have two sisters but neither one of them is in the position to care for another child and my brother is not even a choice. My parents along with my mil we feel that they have raised their kids and we don't want to take their life away. My mom and my mil both have told me they would take her but we just don't feel that it would be a good decision. So who does that leave us with? I am saying all of this while I know who both Sean and I agree would be best to care for Eviee in the event that we both die but I haven't yet talked to that person and both our families would be so hurt. And then what if that person says "no". I would totally understand it but then I will really be begging God to let me live at least long enough to raise Eviee until she can take care of herself.  It is so hard to think of a person you would want to raise your kids. I want and hope that Sean and I will be able to see Eviee have kids and her kids have kids (ok well I want be able to see great grand kids Sean is well gonna be OLD LOL I love you honey). I hope this never becomes a issue but I know we need to get this done.

Do you have life insurance on your kids???? Well Eviee has two policy's and both are so great that in the event that she choose at the age of 18 or 21 you pick that she doesn't want to continue to pay on it then she can cash it out and have every penny we have paid on it and by the time she turns 18 both policy's double in value and both will be a pretty good chuck of money for her to use for college or a car or whatever. Well anyways what I was getting to is I just signed Eviee up for the Gerber life college plan. She has had Gerber Life insurance since she was born but I just changed it to the Grow Up Plan. It is amazing and if you have kids you really must check it out.

Ok so all of this Life insurance talks brings me to my last bit of info for the day. I have always had a problem with anxiety but since I have had Eviee is has gone through the roof. I worry all day and night about things most people never even think about. I also always feel like I am running a Marathon even if I am just doing the dishes. I feel like I am always on a roller coaster that is never stopping. I am tried of being like this. And I am thinking about getting some help. But this is a post in its self.

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