Friday, February 8, 2013

What we have been up too

Well I'm still not back to normal with posting blogs. I still haven't done Eviee's 18 month post so I thought I would just kinda do a what Eviee we have been up too post.
Eviee loves to walk around on her phone talking to "wee wee".
                                                          She LOVES shoes!!!! Any body's shoes!!!                                                       

                                                         Our Chi weenie Wee Man or as Eviee likes to call him Wee Wee isn't to fond of Eviee but our Doberman Duke loves her is always by her side.

P.S. We still have the pacy. That's what happens when mommy ends up in the hospital off and on for a month and a half. 
The only good thing that did come out of me being so sick lately is Eviee has had to let Sean do the things that I would normally do. She is turning into a little daddy's girl.

And every now and then we will stop taking pictures of Eviee and maybe just take one of the two of us. This was on Sean's birthday. Does he not look good for being 38??? I mean really I know I'm aging good LOL but he does not look 38 AT ALL!!!!

She thinks she is a big girl and wants to walk around with her back pack on! She is too cute!!!

She loves her puppies!!!! Mommy is SLOWLY getting there Daddy not so much! HA!

She's my girl! She HAS to have her Sunny's on!!!

And she only has about six or maybe ten pairs HA!!!! SPOILED BABY ALERT!!!!

She is just so silly!
Another favorite is to walk around the house with a blanket around her neck. She is seriously the funniest little thing.

And for the first time in ALONG time we are back on a daily schedule so we are seeing alot more of this! Pay no attention to my miss matched bed. I was sick people! And you'll be happy to know it all matches in its perfect shade of white again! Ahhh I LOVE WHITE ANYTHING!

So this picture was taken in our sun room. Eviee loves the sun room and it just so happens that Logan's toys are out there. So the other day we opened the door and let her play and what do you think she found????? HEHE I seriously about died laughing at her when I found her like this!

She is the most perfect thing I have ever seen!

Our days are spent making messes, reading books, singing songs, coloring, going outside, playing with our puppies, and they are filled with lots and lots of hugs and kisses. Eviee is talking so much! If you cough or sneezes she will tell you "cuse me" (excuse me) and if you give her something she will say "ank you" (thank you) and if I ask her a yes question she will say "yes me"(yes ma'am). Hehe. She has picked up on talking so fast. Today she said "Lilah" (little girl we watch) it came out clear as day! I could listen to her talk all day long. She has the sweetest little voice. I love spending my days at home taking care of this sweet baby!
Hope you enjoyed some pictures of the cutest little girl in the world! Ill be back hopefully soon!!!


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