Monday, March 4, 2013

From Ree too Dee Entry 3


Ok so Ree's recipe is for Blackberries but I watched the show where she made this and she said to use any berry you want, so yesterday today I chose blueberries. Eviee loves blueberries so I always have fresh on hand. As you noticed I said yesterday... yea I made it yesterday but I didn't have time to post it.

P.S. I kinda have already made this like alot few times.

So really on this recipe it is so easy ANYBODY can do it! Perfect simple last minute dessert for those unexpected guest. Do you get unexpected guest??? I don't but everyone that knows me knows they better give me a heads up! LOL

Anyways try this y'all it Delicious!

Fresh is always best

Sprinkled with sugar

Ready for cooking


Topped with a little Vanilla Ice Cream and whipped cream maybe???? MMMMMMM!

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