Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Ree too Dee Entry 4

Chicken Fried Steak with Mashed Potatoes black eyed peas and corn!

So I was looking through the recipes trying to decide on what to make this week for "Ree too Dee" when Sean said "Chicken Fried Steak".

This was a real treat to him because I do not EVER fry anything! Lap Band plus fried foods equals NOT GOOD!!!  I never fried anything at home even before I got it. Fried foods are not good for you AT ALL but damn they taste SOOOO FREAKING AMAZING! I mean seriously you can fry anything and it would be great! Ok ok im calming down.

So TWO night ago (sorry been busy) I made Ree's Chicken fried steak with her creamy mashed potatoes and I added black eyed peas and corn. (nothing special about them, I just opened the bag)

The steak was pretty good (I personally am not a big fan of chicken fried steak) but honestly I HATED the mashed potatoes! SORRY REE :(

I didn't get any pictures last as my camera has decided to die :(

Entry 4= I don't think I will make this again... unless Sean wants it ;)

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