Wednesday, March 6, 2013

From Ree too Dee Entry 5


If you were to ever ask Sean what his favorite meal is (at least that I make) he would say Chicken and Dumplings. Seriously the man needs help. He is a Chicken and Dumplings addict!!! He wants me to make them all the time!

So naturally one of my first few meals to make from Ree would be her dumplings. I made these last night.

I didn't follow the recipe exactly.

The Recipe calls for one whole chicken (RAW).  I went to Walmart and I bought a rotisserie ALL READY COOKED chicken. (this is what I always buy when I make MY Chicken and Dumplings). I am not about to get all up in a RAW Chickens business if you know what I mean but if you are the type of person that likes messing with RAW pieces of meat HA!!!! then you just got right ahead and  do it. I do not! LOL ;)

So I bought the already cooked chicken and shredded it! (this is almost as bad as it being raw).
I then cut up and cooked the onion, carrots, and celery then added the chicken broth along with the chicken. I did not use the Apple cider because my dumb Walmart did not have any.

I also might have made a little bit more dumplings :)

So over all my house smelled as I imagined Ree's does when she is making this for her family.
Sean got home from worked walked in the door and was ready to devour the whole pot right then and there.
I served both of us but was quick to take the first bite. I want to make sure my food isn't going to kill anyone!!!

 IT WAS PURE BLISS!!! It was like eating on a cloud made of dumplings. I WAS IN LOVE WITH THE DUMPLINGS! But....

She uses Turmeric in this recipe and it is very powerful. I may or may not have put just a tad bit more then if called for. Over the next few bites the taste of pure bliss shifted. It was almost like you know when you are trying to swallow a pill and it gets suck in your throat. You get that weird not so wonderful taste in your mouth. YEA that's what it tasted like after a while.

Sean was NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL! He said he will always chose my Chicken and dumplings over these any day! Good hubby :)

I could eat these again if I had too if was definitely not the worst thing I have ever tasted. Maybe I will try and make them again and go EASY with the Turmeric.

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