Sunday, March 3, 2013


These last few days have been a little rough,with some fun, then a little rough again, with a few touches of so stinking cute!

So the rough part. Eviee had a BAD sounding cough for like two days then it went away then came back with a vengeance! I took her to the doctor. Long story short her doctor is pretty sure that she has asthma. And I kinda think it's the puppies. See when she was born we had a poodle. But it seemed as Eviee got bigger and had more contact with our poodle she would get a running nose and sneeze and you know allergies type stuff. We went to Texas for a few days and while we we gone Eviee was perfect. Then we returned home and it all started again. So needless to say we got rid of her.(the poodle LOL) Well over the next several months we started letting Eviee get around other peoples animals and she seemed to be doing ok. So we moved out here to the "country" (if you can call it that) and decided to get a dog dogs. Then it hit me the other day. Eviee has pretty much been sick non stop since right after Christmas with "allergy" type sicknesses and we got the dogs right after Christmas. So anyways I'm not sure if it is the dogs or she is just going to have her mommas immune system but now we might have to deal with asthma. At least asthma is something I know all to well thanks to my brother and father. Poor baby nothing is worst then a sick baby YOUR SICK BABY!

We had a little fun. Saturday morning we went to The Monkey House with Katie and Lucas. It was Eviee's first time going. I was a little worried that she would get hurt because of all the "bigger" kids that were there running everywhere but she was a trooper and made it just fine. We always enjoy getting together with Katie and Lucas and even though they are a few years apart in age I hope one day they will become good friends. Eviee loved The Monkey House and I am looking forward to taking her back.

Then the rough came back but this time it was mommy who got sick. I think I have a cold. I can not keep from sneezing and coughing and my nose is running ninety to nothing, I feel like a snot nose kid LOL TMI Sorry but this is what is going on so if you don't want to read about my snot then hit that little red x at the top of your screen. Nobody is making you read my blog! But btw thanks for reading! LOL
I know that I am always going on and on about how cute Eviee is and how much I love her but seriously you have no idea unless you are around her. Call me up we will get together so you can see this cute little thing!!!!

 She was SO proud as was mommy that she put her coat on ALL BY HERSELF!!! Yes it is upside down but she is only 19months old people! And she did it ALL BY HERSELF!!!!!!
          Isn't she the cutest little bumble bee you've ever seen!!!!!


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