Sunday, April 28, 2013

A whole lot of nothing with maybe a little bit of something

  • Since having my lap band taken out I have not lost one pound but I also have not gained either.
  • It is so freaking nice to be able to eat and not be in pain.
  • I have taken up squats and lifting weights and so far Ive been able to keep it up daily. Im a working progress. 
  • I hate when someone says "sure we can talk" but what they really mean is "I don't care to talk to you anymore just so and so" talk about a stab in the back AGAIN!
  • I reconnected with an old friend and am so happy.
  • I wish Sean didn't work so much but am so thankful he does so that I can be at home with Eviee.
  • Ive been praying alot these last few days. A situation has come up that I just don't understand and am so upset about.
  • I have read three out of my set goal of ten for the year books (did that make sense?)
  • I feel sorry for people who so badly want to find "the one" that they either give "the one" up not knowing they were indeed "the one" because they are too freaking stupid to realize what they have or they settle for some white trash! Sorry but it's the truth. You do everytime!
  • My hair is getting so long!!!! So happy but I want something different.
  • My mother lives to far away. Ok well maybe she it isn't the drive but the places I have to drive through. I hate driving through them little towns of OK. UGHHH
  • My flower beds are about to push me over board. My brother is supposed to come and clean them out and hopefully soon.
  • You really shouldn't think the what ifs
  • I bought new coffee today that I'm really excited about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don't ever say much as far as whats going in the world today but man this world is freaking crazy!

Weekend Recap

WOW I never do one of these. Why am I doing one now??? Because I actually had a busy (for me) kinda of weekend that's why. Here's what I did....

  • Saturday morning bright and early Katie and I got up and went to Lavaca to see this amazing blogger we both follow. They called it Mugs and Muffins. It was so inspiring hearing her testimony. If I hadn't already given my life to God I would have after that. Her life isn't too far off mine and close enough that when she was talking about things she had gone through I was fighting back the tears. It's always nice to know that your not the only one going through certain things. I had a great time with a great friend, it was a late Friday night discussion to go and I'm so glad we did.
  • Saturday afternoon Eviee and I went and joined my parents, grandparents, and sisters at the lake. It was pretty cold but not freezing and Eviee loved it!!!!!!!!!! I even got some of my first Mary Kay orders :)
  • This morning Eviee and I got up and went to church. I still didn't make it to the service (I just need Sean to go with me a few times) but I did work in the nursery and Eviee with into her own little class. She did so well. NO TEARS!!!! I was one proud momma! I really enjoyed working in there it kinda made me miss working in Daycare. But miss it enough to go back EVER (at least I hope not) ( I might would work part time maybe...maybe)
  • After church we came home had lunch, took a nap, Nana came by, and then we went to visit Katie and Lucas. Seeing Katie twice in one weekend is amazing! We hardly ever see each other twice in one week so it was really nice. I can't believe that this Aug we will have known each other for 21 years!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Katie we are getting old! (note to self apply Mary Kay Time Wise more often) LOL
  • Sean came home and after dinner we sat outside watching Eviee play. This has become our new schedule for the evenings and I am loving it. I love watching her play.
  • I finished up the night on a conferees call and writing this blog. :)  
Well that was my busy to me weekend. I'm sure most of you had much more exciting ones but whatever! Happy Monday y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS not sure why I used bullets I just like them I guess!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exciting things are happening!

So my biggest news of the week is I am now a Mary Kay Independent Consultant!!! Super excited about this. I love makeup and all things girly and whats more girly then Mary Kay???? I mean hello have you seen the pink Cadillacs driving around??? Umm yea those are Mary Kay! One day maybe.... Anyways so I have started my own business and couldn't be happier. Now this isn't to say this is the career I was talking about a few post ago NO (well maybe no) but for now I am loving this chance to try something new. I am so thankful my sister Kassadi pulled my arm ;)

If you would LOVE to check out my web site and see all the great things Mary Kay has to offer please please do.

I will be having my first little (hopefully not to little) debut in May. If you would like to come and I do not have your info please feel free to a comment below and we will get you an invite. (those of you whom I know well I will be sending you one :) In the meantime though go check out my site!!!!

Also I have mentioned that I have given my life to God. We it seems as though he is already working on me. I have been pushed to try many new things that are totally out of my comfort zone. Like Mary Kay. I also WILL be attending church this Sunday (without Sean cause he has to work) and I also volunteered to work in the church nursery. Being around kids is nothing new but being around "church people" is. HAHA I hope to become one of those "church people".

A situation came up just this morning where I would normally BLOW THE HECK UP but thanks to  my bible study (unglued) I just let it go! Victory!!!!! I was so surprised at how easily I just let it roll off my shoulders. I am very proud of the progress I am making. I still have alot to make and will never be perfect but I'm happy.

I joined a new play group where I know NOBODY! This is pretty big as well and praying it doesn't bite me in the butt. I have found ever since I had Eviee that moms are very judgemental of one another (me included) and I just am trying to stay away from those people. Hopefully Eviee and I can make some new friends. (Today was supposed to be the first one but something came up so hopefully next week)

Im excited for all the new things happening in my life!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friend makin Monday (LATE)

Today I am going to be following along with my friend Amanda in Friend Makin Monday: Inside my head.

I like - a good romantic comedy.
I don't like - Star Wars AT AL (sorry honey)
I love - my husband and daughter more then anything in this world!
I dream of - being skinny!!!!
I wonder- what our lives will look like in ten years.
I know - I am truly blessed.
I went - to my last Bible study last night and am truly sad it is over (for now)
I think - It is too early to be up and I want to go back to bed!
I plan - on going to the doctor today. (check-up from my lap band procedure)
I regret - not going to church this Sunday or the last or the last or the last....
I do - love a good deal.
I drink - coffee in the morning (one cup) (OK maybe two) and water the rest of the day.
I wish - I was rich. It's just the truth!
I am - loving the nice weather we have had the last few days.
I am not - looking forward to opening my pool up an having a HUGH water bill.
I need - to start my walking trail like NOW
I hope - that when Eviee looks back on her childhood she can say "I had a great one".
I want - skinny jeans!!!!! (you know after I'm skinny duh)
I sometimes - ALWAYS jump to to conclusions. ( unglued girls ha!)
I always - think I am right
I can -  do more then I like my self believe.
I cannot  - wait to go to Hawaii in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I avoid - people I know in Walmart unless I really really like them!
I will - be having a second cup of coffee this morning.

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday. God bless.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Potential Careers

I don't really say much about my career or lack there of but having a career has always been something I want. But it was something I could never really reach when the time was right. You know when you graduate high school the next step is college. Well I didn't attend a "real college" but I did further my education. I am a licensed Phlebotomist. I enjoyed my job but never intended for it to become a career and after six months I knew it was just something I couldn't do forever so I went back to what I loved daycare. (well actually I worked both jobs then quit the hospital) Well then life got in the way I guess you could say and I'm so glad it did. But while I was living life I kinda put my "career" goals on the side AGAIN! Sean and I got married and shortly after decided we were ready for a family and long story short I decided I wanted to have my child/children then worry about getting the career. Shortly after Eviee was born I really started thinking about my career. Trying to decide what I wanted to be. (which is also why I did not go to college earlier) Anyways I am still so undecided about what want to be. Seriously if I wasn't married with a family I would problary be one of those people with degrees in everything because there are so many things I would love to do. So here is my list of all the things I have seriously considered. Do not laugh at me I know some may seem totally out of my reach but I also believe that anybody can do anything they set their minds to. So here is my list of potential careers and they are not in any order just all the different jobs I have considered.
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • School Counselor
  • Child and Family Social Worker
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Elementary Principal
  • Lawyer ( you know those test we always took when we were younger that told you what you should be when you grow up, well everyone else always got at least two different jobs on their paper mine always had just one EVERY YEAR. Lawyer!  HUMM wonder why??? LOL)
  • Family Doctor
  • Pediatrician
  • Physicians Assistant
  • Cosmetologist
  • Radiologist
Some of these require alot of schooling and to be honest I never really enjoyed school but now that I am older and really wanting a career in the near future I think I would enjoy school and do well in it. Some of these also would include moving out of start just to complete my education but anyways these are things I think I would enjoy. I love children with all my heart. I could read every medical book there is and never get enough. I love helping people. And making people pretty wouldn't be so bad either but I would want to own my own salon so then we are talking about getting a degree in business too so.... Anyways I not going to decide this over night. This is something that I am waiting for God to decide. When he is ready he will tell me what it is he wants from me. I am waiting patiently.

Friday, April 19, 2013

30 before 30

I still have a little over four years before I turn 30 (which I'm NOT looking forward too) but I saw this one a friends blog and thought that is a great idea so here's my 30 before 30!
  1. Reach my goal weight of 130 - working on this
  2. Be in our FOREVER home.
  3. Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life career wise.
  4. Visit Ireland
  5. Go back to Hawaii - we are thinking about going for our anniversary this year.
  6. Read the bible front to back. (the same friend who I got 30 by 30 had this as one of hers and I thought it was wonderful)
  7. Host a family reunion for my moms side of the family. ( I don't know my dads side)
  8. Visit Georgia. Sean and I have been trying for two years now... one day.
  9. Become a runner.
  10. Be a actual member of a church. I'm sure I will have this done way before 30 but...
  11. To take a vacation with just Sean and I. ( Eviee is too little to leave right now so yes she will be going with us on our Hawaii trip. (if we get to go)
  12. Go skiing. I am scared to death of things like this but I have always wanted to go.
  13. Learn to sew and be good at it! HA!!!!
  14. Have $20,000 is savings -we are already working on it.
  15. Take a trip with just my mom and me.
  16. Take a trip with just my sisters and I.
  17. Cut my hair short just once!!! So scary!!!
  18. Get braces. I know but I need them! Dang wisdom teeth!
  19. Watch a Broadway show.
  20. Learn another language with Sean.
  21. Volunteer for something amazing!!!!
  22. Go to a Thompson Square concert.
  23. Get another tattoo.
  24. Sit in the audience of The Ellen Show.
  25. Go to a black tie event with my handsome hubby!
  26. Grow a  garden.
  27. Attend a cooking class.
  28. Run a 5k!
  29. Learn to play the Piano
  30. Write my life story.
These are some of the things I want to do before I am 30 what about you???

Ten things you may not know about me

  • Before I do ANYTHING in the morning I must make and have at least four sips of coffee!
  • I absolutely love antiques! I could wonder around in an antique store for hours and not get bored.
  • I dwell on the past more then I should.
  • I love peanut butter ANYTHING.
  • I seriously can't get enough of Eviee!!!! (My mom tells me that I still act like she is an hour old)(she's my angel baby momma)
  • I love a good deal! Coupons, sales that's my thing!
  • I make myself a goal to read X number of books each year or else I would never pick up a one. But when I find the right one I can't put it down! So far this year I have read 3 and still have 7 to go. I guess I better get one it. Do you recommend any???
  • I like to get up at least on hour before Eviee and Sean (if he is home) so I can have some me time without feeling guilty.
  • Yards that need mowed or flower beds that have weeds seriously drive me insane and right now I have both. ANY TAKERS??????
  • I hate talking on the phone. Please just text me.

Well there you have it ten things you just had to know about me! :)

Monday, April 15, 2013


I think the best way to catch y'all up would be bullets... At least that's the fastest cause I really just don't have time to type five blogs. Eviee is content right now coloring, this one of the few moments when I am not playing with her so I'm gonna try and make this fast cause I just feel so guilty doing anything besides playing with her.
  • Biggest news of all I have given my life to God. This has been the best choice I have ever made. My life feels so much fuller so much happier. I have found the peace I have been looking for, for some time now. I am normally a very uptight person and while I still have alot of progress to make I can tell I am calming down. God is so good. I am so happy to have found him.
  • Me finding God has also bought Sean back to him. See I wasn't raised to know God but Sean  was. He had some very rough times that made him question The Lord but after six years of rebelling he has given himself back to our lord! I am so excited for this new wonderful chapter in our relationship, and so happy for what this will do for our family.
  • I had my own little devil living inside me for over a year now and as of last Monday the devil is gone. I wanted that lap band so badly but my body just did not like it. It wasn't allowing me the nutrients I needed to take care of myself. It caused to me to get sick after eating just about anything. So I finally made the decision to have it removed and I couldn't be more relived. It is nice to be able to eat like a normal person again.
  • I have continued to cook my way through Ree Drummonds cook book and I will try and get those caught up but I have to be honest after about 20 different recipes I am done. I was not impressed sadly. So I am moving on.
  • I am thinking about joining g-fit in May just wish there was something here in Greenwood for me to do so I wouldn't have to drive to FS everyday.
  • Spring is here and I am so happy.
  • I started decorating my living room this week! It looks so good and can not wait to have it all done.
  • We went to court and guess what???? WE WON!!!!!
  • Have I told you how much I LOVE my bible study. I swear this study was made just for me. Before I started it I told Sean all the things about me I wanted to change about myself and this study covered most!!! Isn't God just amazing.
  • To have another baby or not??? That is the subject to often around here. Our plan were to wait until Eviee turned two then see where we were at and how we felt. (that's in July) Then we decided that we did want to have another one and we would just start trying in July that way Eviee would be closer to three when the baby was born. But now I'm back at I just want Eviee. Two of my babies went to heaven before I ever got to meet them. God let me keep one and she is healthy and perfect and sometimes I feel like I am being selfish to ask for another one and most of the time I don't want another one. I told my sister the other day that I wonder what my story is.You know what will my life be in ten years. Does God have other plans for me that don't include a second child. I wish I knew. I wish I could see. This subject has always been so easy for me. The moment I found out Eviee was a girl I felt complete. Every woman feels it different, it may take four kids before she does but me it only took "it's a girl". But my fear is that I am just so in love with Eviee. She is everything I have always wanted. I talked about being a mommy way before any of the other girls. Being a mommy has always been my ONLY dream. But maybe in five years I will change. I could go on and on about this subject maybe I will have to do a post but for now I have found so much peace in asking God to take this from me. It is up to him now.
  • Both of my dogs are still here and they really are becoming part of the family. I have  sadly listed Wee Man (chi weenie) on craigslist I can't even tell you how many times but I just never could go through with it and now I am so thankful. He is a great little 3lbs pup. Duke our doberman is HUGH! I mean seriously at six months old he is a small horse and Eviee could ride him!
  • Over the last four months I have definitely learned that family is amazing! I have needed so much help with all of the surgeries and being sick and I just don't know what I would have done with out them. In the last 21 months I have been cut open 16 times!!! Can you even believe that. This momma will NEVER EVER wear a bikini! O WELL!
  • Since we spent our vacation at home last week with me recovering and all we are now planning our next. So excited! Hurry up July!
  • Speeching of July... Eviee will be two in July! How in the world is that possible??? Definitely a post on my little noodle later!
Ok well Eviee is now demanding her momma until tonight....

I am alive

So im back but of course no time to blog right now. But I will DO MY BEST to stay up late tonight and catch y'all up on everything that has happened in the last few weeks.