Friday, April 19, 2013

30 before 30

I still have a little over four years before I turn 30 (which I'm NOT looking forward too) but I saw this one a friends blog and thought that is a great idea so here's my 30 before 30!
  1. Reach my goal weight of 130 - working on this
  2. Be in our FOREVER home.
  3. Figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life career wise.
  4. Visit Ireland
  5. Go back to Hawaii - we are thinking about going for our anniversary this year.
  6. Read the bible front to back. (the same friend who I got 30 by 30 had this as one of hers and I thought it was wonderful)
  7. Host a family reunion for my moms side of the family. ( I don't know my dads side)
  8. Visit Georgia. Sean and I have been trying for two years now... one day.
  9. Become a runner.
  10. Be a actual member of a church. I'm sure I will have this done way before 30 but...
  11. To take a vacation with just Sean and I. ( Eviee is too little to leave right now so yes she will be going with us on our Hawaii trip. (if we get to go)
  12. Go skiing. I am scared to death of things like this but I have always wanted to go.
  13. Learn to sew and be good at it! HA!!!!
  14. Have $20,000 is savings -we are already working on it.
  15. Take a trip with just my mom and me.
  16. Take a trip with just my sisters and I.
  17. Cut my hair short just once!!! So scary!!!
  18. Get braces. I know but I need them! Dang wisdom teeth!
  19. Watch a Broadway show.
  20. Learn another language with Sean.
  21. Volunteer for something amazing!!!!
  22. Go to a Thompson Square concert.
  23. Get another tattoo.
  24. Sit in the audience of The Ellen Show.
  25. Go to a black tie event with my handsome hubby!
  26. Grow a  garden.
  27. Attend a cooking class.
  28. Run a 5k!
  29. Learn to play the Piano
  30. Write my life story.
These are some of the things I want to do before I am 30 what about you???


  1. Love it! I LOVE musicals and I'm always going to Fayetteville to see them. If my mom (my musical buddy) ever can't go...I'll holler at you so you can come too! :) Unless you mean to see a musical actually on Broadway in NYC...can't help you with that! But the Broadway casts travel and come to Fayetteville and Tulsa several times a year!