Thursday, April 25, 2013

Exciting things are happening!

So my biggest news of the week is I am now a Mary Kay Independent Consultant!!! Super excited about this. I love makeup and all things girly and whats more girly then Mary Kay???? I mean hello have you seen the pink Cadillacs driving around??? Umm yea those are Mary Kay! One day maybe.... Anyways so I have started my own business and couldn't be happier. Now this isn't to say this is the career I was talking about a few post ago NO (well maybe no) but for now I am loving this chance to try something new. I am so thankful my sister Kassadi pulled my arm ;)

If you would LOVE to check out my web site and see all the great things Mary Kay has to offer please please do.

I will be having my first little (hopefully not to little) debut in May. If you would like to come and I do not have your info please feel free to a comment below and we will get you an invite. (those of you whom I know well I will be sending you one :) In the meantime though go check out my site!!!!

Also I have mentioned that I have given my life to God. We it seems as though he is already working on me. I have been pushed to try many new things that are totally out of my comfort zone. Like Mary Kay. I also WILL be attending church this Sunday (without Sean cause he has to work) and I also volunteered to work in the church nursery. Being around kids is nothing new but being around "church people" is. HAHA I hope to become one of those "church people".

A situation came up just this morning where I would normally BLOW THE HECK UP but thanks to  my bible study (unglued) I just let it go! Victory!!!!! I was so surprised at how easily I just let it roll off my shoulders. I am very proud of the progress I am making. I still have alot to make and will never be perfect but I'm happy.

I joined a new play group where I know NOBODY! This is pretty big as well and praying it doesn't bite me in the butt. I have found ever since I had Eviee that moms are very judgemental of one another (me included) and I just am trying to stay away from those people. Hopefully Eviee and I can make some new friends. (Today was supposed to be the first one but something came up so hopefully next week)

Im excited for all the new things happening in my life!!!!