Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Friend makin Monday (LATE)

Today I am going to be following along with my friend Amanda in Friend Makin Monday: Inside my head.

I like - a good romantic comedy.
I don't like - Star Wars AT AL (sorry honey)
I love - my husband and daughter more then anything in this world!
I dream of - being skinny!!!!
I wonder- what our lives will look like in ten years.
I know - I am truly blessed.
I went - to my last Bible study last night and am truly sad it is over (for now)
I think - It is too early to be up and I want to go back to bed!
I plan - on going to the doctor today. (check-up from my lap band procedure)
I regret - not going to church this Sunday or the last or the last or the last....
I do - love a good deal.
I drink - coffee in the morning (one cup) (OK maybe two) and water the rest of the day.
I wish - I was rich. It's just the truth!
I am - loving the nice weather we have had the last few days.
I am not - looking forward to opening my pool up an having a HUGH water bill.
I need - to start my walking trail like NOW
I hope - that when Eviee looks back on her childhood she can say "I had a great one".
I want - skinny jeans!!!!! (you know after I'm skinny duh)
I sometimes - ALWAYS jump to to conclusions. ( unglued girls ha!)
I always - think I am right
I can -  do more then I like my self believe.
I cannot  - wait to go to Hawaii in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I avoid - people I know in Walmart unless I really really like them!
I will - be having a second cup of coffee this morning.

Hope y'all have a great Tuesday. God bless.


  1. I LOVE Hawaii. Where are you going?

  2. hahaha this cracked me up!! I totally avoid people in Walmart and Target unless I really like them! Walmart is the worst. I will hide behind end caps if I have to. I am sooo jealous that you are going to Hawaii!! I want to do something big for anniversary in December but am conflicted. We recently paid off all debt besides student loans and I don't want to gain more debt by a huge vacation. This goes back to your one about being RICH. Let's start playing the lottery. lol

  3. Ok for some reason the reply buttoms are not working... Brittany we are not sure what Island yet. I went a few years ago to The big island but may company didn't allow for much sight seeing so I kinda want to go back but we will see.

    Amanda Walmart is the worst! I don't blame you about the debt thing we are right there with you, thats way we are just saving away LOL I hope nothing happens and we get to go. I do play the lottery from time to time but when I don't win then I get mad and stop playing for awhile. LOL