Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

WOW I never do one of these. Why am I doing one now??? Because I actually had a busy (for me) kinda of weekend that's why. Here's what I did....

  • Saturday morning bright and early Katie and I got up and went to Lavaca to see this amazing blogger we both follow. They called it Mugs and Muffins. It was so inspiring hearing her testimony. If I hadn't already given my life to God I would have after that. Her life isn't too far off mine and close enough that when she was talking about things she had gone through I was fighting back the tears. It's always nice to know that your not the only one going through certain things. I had a great time with a great friend, it was a late Friday night discussion to go and I'm so glad we did.
  • Saturday afternoon Eviee and I went and joined my parents, grandparents, and sisters at the lake. It was pretty cold but not freezing and Eviee loved it!!!!!!!!!! I even got some of my first Mary Kay orders :)
  • This morning Eviee and I got up and went to church. I still didn't make it to the service (I just need Sean to go with me a few times) but I did work in the nursery and Eviee with into her own little class. She did so well. NO TEARS!!!! I was one proud momma! I really enjoyed working in there it kinda made me miss working in Daycare. But miss it enough to go back EVER (at least I hope not) ( I might would work part time maybe...maybe)
  • After church we came home had lunch, took a nap, Nana came by, and then we went to visit Katie and Lucas. Seeing Katie twice in one weekend is amazing! We hardly ever see each other twice in one week so it was really nice. I can't believe that this Aug we will have known each other for 21 years!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Katie we are getting old! (note to self apply Mary Kay Time Wise more often) LOL
  • Sean came home and after dinner we sat outside watching Eviee play. This has become our new schedule for the evenings and I am loving it. I love watching her play.
  • I finished up the night on a conferees call and writing this blog. :)  
Well that was my busy to me weekend. I'm sure most of you had much more exciting ones but whatever! Happy Monday y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS not sure why I used bullets I just like them I guess!

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