Monday, April 15, 2013


I think the best way to catch y'all up would be bullets... At least that's the fastest cause I really just don't have time to type five blogs. Eviee is content right now coloring, this one of the few moments when I am not playing with her so I'm gonna try and make this fast cause I just feel so guilty doing anything besides playing with her.
  • Biggest news of all I have given my life to God. This has been the best choice I have ever made. My life feels so much fuller so much happier. I have found the peace I have been looking for, for some time now. I am normally a very uptight person and while I still have alot of progress to make I can tell I am calming down. God is so good. I am so happy to have found him.
  • Me finding God has also bought Sean back to him. See I wasn't raised to know God but Sean  was. He had some very rough times that made him question The Lord but after six years of rebelling he has given himself back to our lord! I am so excited for this new wonderful chapter in our relationship, and so happy for what this will do for our family.
  • I had my own little devil living inside me for over a year now and as of last Monday the devil is gone. I wanted that lap band so badly but my body just did not like it. It wasn't allowing me the nutrients I needed to take care of myself. It caused to me to get sick after eating just about anything. So I finally made the decision to have it removed and I couldn't be more relived. It is nice to be able to eat like a normal person again.
  • I have continued to cook my way through Ree Drummonds cook book and I will try and get those caught up but I have to be honest after about 20 different recipes I am done. I was not impressed sadly. So I am moving on.
  • I am thinking about joining g-fit in May just wish there was something here in Greenwood for me to do so I wouldn't have to drive to FS everyday.
  • Spring is here and I am so happy.
  • I started decorating my living room this week! It looks so good and can not wait to have it all done.
  • We went to court and guess what???? WE WON!!!!!
  • Have I told you how much I LOVE my bible study. I swear this study was made just for me. Before I started it I told Sean all the things about me I wanted to change about myself and this study covered most!!! Isn't God just amazing.
  • To have another baby or not??? That is the subject to often around here. Our plan were to wait until Eviee turned two then see where we were at and how we felt. (that's in July) Then we decided that we did want to have another one and we would just start trying in July that way Eviee would be closer to three when the baby was born. But now I'm back at I just want Eviee. Two of my babies went to heaven before I ever got to meet them. God let me keep one and she is healthy and perfect and sometimes I feel like I am being selfish to ask for another one and most of the time I don't want another one. I told my sister the other day that I wonder what my story is.You know what will my life be in ten years. Does God have other plans for me that don't include a second child. I wish I knew. I wish I could see. This subject has always been so easy for me. The moment I found out Eviee was a girl I felt complete. Every woman feels it different, it may take four kids before she does but me it only took "it's a girl". But my fear is that I am just so in love with Eviee. She is everything I have always wanted. I talked about being a mommy way before any of the other girls. Being a mommy has always been my ONLY dream. But maybe in five years I will change. I could go on and on about this subject maybe I will have to do a post but for now I have found so much peace in asking God to take this from me. It is up to him now.
  • Both of my dogs are still here and they really are becoming part of the family. I have  sadly listed Wee Man (chi weenie) on craigslist I can't even tell you how many times but I just never could go through with it and now I am so thankful. He is a great little 3lbs pup. Duke our doberman is HUGH! I mean seriously at six months old he is a small horse and Eviee could ride him!
  • Over the last four months I have definitely learned that family is amazing! I have needed so much help with all of the surgeries and being sick and I just don't know what I would have done with out them. In the last 21 months I have been cut open 16 times!!! Can you even believe that. This momma will NEVER EVER wear a bikini! O WELL!
  • Since we spent our vacation at home last week with me recovering and all we are now planning our next. So excited! Hurry up July!
  • Speeching of July... Eviee will be two in July! How in the world is that possible??? Definitely a post on my little noodle later!
Ok well Eviee is now demanding her momma until tonight....

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  1. What a post! I'm so very happy to hear your great news!! God is so very good! I'm happy for you and Sean! :))