Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

I stole the title from a friend (is it stealing if everyone uses it?) I'm not good at coming up with titles and I've been trying to post this since Monday so I thought it fit. (Plus some added goodness)
  • We officially have a week until we are on Vacation! SCREAM!!!!!!!! I am so freaking happy!!! Counting down the days!

  • Speeching of counting down the days my birthday is Sunday! SCREAM AGAIN BUT IN A BAD WAY! I hate hate hate getting older. Yes I know it beats the alternative. Yes I have a wonderful life WONDERFUL but I just don't like getting old. That is all.
  • Last week I made homemade laundry detergent and I LOVE IT! A few of my friends weren't to trilled with it and I figured I would be the same way (I am a convenience kinda girl) (and I love my clothes to smell FABULOUS) but I love it! Sean's work clothes seriously look like you ran them through grease when he gets home and this stuff got it ALL OUT!!!! LOVE not sure I will ever go back. It cost me less then $7 for all the ingredients (and I still have tons left)  I had to buy a 5 gallon bucket which was less then $5 then something to put it in that would fit in my cabinet $6 so less then $20 to get started and all I will have to pay out is $1 for the only ingredient you have to buy each time you make it. Guessing by how much we have I wont be making any for at least 6 months!!!! AMAZING! And it's all natural right up my ally!
  • My sister and I have made up a summer bucket list to do with all the kids. I am so excited to spend the summer out and about. Eviee has been too little the last two summers to really do alot of things but not this year. (within reason) I will post our bucket list this week.

  • Monday we had all my family over for a BBQ! I just love having everyone over. (until they leave and it takes me two days to clean my house back up) LOL
  • Since Texas is really more for my birthday (that's what I'm telling myself) the only other thing I could think to tell Sean I wanted was of course a pedi! I am not going to the beach with messed up looking toes! NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!
  • Yesterday was a great day for me! I started off the day walking at our local walking trail. My MIL is out of town so Eviee and I are taking care of her puppies. So yesterday we decided to pick them up and go walking! Then through out the day I did my squats (ladies you've got to do them) and lifted weights and I finished up the night with running! YES ME I RAN FOR A LONG TIME! Hoping the weather stays nice so I can go running again tonight. I have been waiting for this day to come. I always say I feel like I am a health nut deep down well I have also felt like I am a runner just never could get going. But I did it! I started! SO HAPPY!
  • Poor Eviee mommy is SO OBSESSED WITH MONOGRAMS anything I can put her name on or initials  HAS IT! OMG LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Sean and I have finally decided there will not be anymore babies coming out of this momma, at lest for a few years. I think I just felt pressured by the fact that everyone I know has two children or are  planning on their second child. But it's just not the right time. I mean I have that desire to have another one bad right now but I still can't get over all the things I want for Eviee and myself. I would love nothing more then to be at my goal weight, Eviee be at least three but really more like 5, for Sean and I to be in our forever home and him working a Monday thur Friday job. And not 12 hour days. And do some traveling. So that's what we are shooting for. And I am happy. The stress of having another child is gone. And for me that's the way it's suppose to be. STRESS FREE. Now I'm not going to say that I wouldn't be TRILLED if we had a surprise (well maybe I'm a planner) and I'm not going to say things may not change or I may get all excited with all these new babies but for now our plan is to wait.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Most exciting news ..... We are finally going on VACATION!!!! YIP YEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Texas baby! Family pictures on the beach! Amazing Mexican food!!!! Tons of family time! SHOPPING LOOK OUT IKEA!!!!! I could go on and on but mostly just so happy to be able to spend 24 hours a day for 5 days with Sean and Eviee.

It's nap time right now. I'm on my third cup of coffee for the day. I used hate nap time. Eviee is just the sweetest (most of the time) (nana will know what im talking about) child and is so funny that I really do miss her while she is asleep but during these last few weeks I have really learned how to enjoy nap time!

My mother in law came over today (well last night) and started getting our pool ready to start back up. Hopefully by Saturday it will be ready to go!

Eviee and I have been kinda busy lately which isn't like us. I used to always be on the go until I got pregnant and I'm telling you this momma isn't used to it anymore! Every Friday my sister Karissa and I get together. She drives out to my house and we head to town (fort smith) We usually make a stop  at big lots then we always head over to the mall grab lunch and let Eviee play on the toys. Then we finish up our day with Dollar tree,Target, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby and Walmart! Yes all in one day. And let me tell you by the time we pick her kids up from school and get back to my house around 5 i am dying for my 5th cup of coffee and a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i love it! I love spending every Friday with my sister. She really is one of my best friends. Isn't it also funny how the best friends you used to have you either don't have anymore or they have made the jump from friend to family? I really do have have some great best friends!

My family is in town from Cali. I love that they come out here every year, maybe next year I will pay them a visit. Monday we are having everyone over for a BBQ . And I'm just waiting for my uncle to tell me what a hick I sound like. SAME.STORY.EVERY.YEAR! O the fun! But no I love family. And am so thankful to have them. I love having everybody over and can't wait for Monday to come. I have some new recipes I'm gonna try and fix for these California peeps.

SQUATS! DO THEM! THEY WORK AMAZINGLY! I am up to 160 a day and ladies I have lost inches and my butt is looking so much better! DO THEM!

Coffee . I have always loved coffee but it is now become an addiction. It's bad! Really bad!!! I have cleaned up my eating ALOT but one thing I can't let go or cut down is my coffee intake. I FREAKING LOVE IT!

I just have to add how amazing God is. How amazing pray works. I have been praying about many subjects lately and just this week one of my biggest prays was answered! Each day I still wake up with alot of questions and each day I question my faith but by the end of the day I can see God working on me and working with me and it is amazing! I am so blessed!

I hope Everybody has a great week. Blogging is kinda on the back burner again the weather (minus this week) is just to good to be inside on the computer and with summer coming and a big pool in my backyard I don't think things are going to change much but we shall see.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Missing Home

Yes I am at "my house" yes I am in the city where "my house" is but I am not at home. In the early months of Sean and I dating I was offered a job to move with the wonderful family I was a nanny for. They were moving back to their "home" Tulsa. When she told me that a few short months from now they would be moving I knew I had to go with them. I always wanted to move away and I loved/love this family so I knew I had to go with them. Sean and I had only been dating for a few months and even though it was serious I was moving with or with out him! Well of course he loved me too much to let me go alone so we made the big move together. The first few months was very hard on Sean and I. We were driving back here every weekend to see his kids and our families  and now looking back that was the worst thing we did. We didn't allow our shelves time to fall in love with Tulsa or at least I didn't. I didn't know anybody expect the family I was working for and Sean. After a rough few months alot of tears and what not I had moved back home only to realize that was the stupidest thing I could have ever done. Here I was leaving the man I knew I loved and wanted to marry in a town he never wanted to move to. So needless to say things worked themselves out and I moved back to Tulsa with my man. Something inside me woke up. I fell head over heels in love with Tulsa and the people. We ended up having to move back to AR and have been stuck ever since but Sean and I are now on what I like to call Mission back to Tulsa. We have set a time limit on how long we will be here. And in that time we have some things to get done then it's put the house up for sale and move back HOME! Tulsa is where we feel at home. We are home sick. We miss our friends. We miss our Tulsa family. We miss everything Tulsa has to offer. We miss home.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Water play

Eviees nana bought her a ball pit for her 1st birthday so since our "big" pool is still VERY GREEN (hint hint nana) I turned the ball pit into a kiddie pool and Eviee loved it! Made for one happy, now napping little girl and mommy got to soak up some vitamin D HAPPY DANCE!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Sunday, May 12, 2013

21 months old

Yep you read right! The noodle is 21 months old ALREADY! (I'm saving you chill)

ANYWAYS.... this is what Eviee has been up too lately.

  • Eviee is speeching on a older two year old level!!! She talks so well and will repeat everything you say.
  • Eviee is working on learning all of her colors right now. She knows pink, green, purple, and blue. yellow, and purple so far. It only took two days to teach her those!
  • She is potty training and is doing very well.
  • She is also learning her animals and all the sounds they make. She knows dog, cat, frog, cow, bird, snake, loin, and sheep.
  • She is definitely testing her limits more and more every day! We have sat in time out a few times now.
  • We are working on counting to 20 now. She has 1-10 down!
  • Speeching of counting if I am having to get on to her I will count 1 then Eviee will say 2 and then I'm just done I mean I done forgot what she was doing anyways being so cute to count with mommy. (someone knows how to get out of being in trouble)
  • She is throwing EVERYTHING she gets her hands on! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
  • Eviee loves to throw herself on the ground if she doesn't get her way. Seans temper for sure ;)
  • Loves to be outside. We are so happy for this weather.
  • Eviee loves rocks and sticks. First thing she picks up when we go outside.
  • Loves flowers.
  • She is getting a little more picky with her eating but over all she will still eat just about anything you give her.
  • Is running everywhere.
  • Loves to color.
  • Loves water.
  • Still hates to brush her teeth.
  • Still does not sleep through the night!!!! (any sleep doctors reading my blog???HELP)
  • Loves to sing songs.
  • Eviee loves to dance. (every morning now and then we watch Mickey Mouse club I know I know but I have to wake up people anyways and they dance to the hot dog song well these pics are Eviee dancing to the hot dog song in her tutu bathsuit she just had to wear)
  • If you are crying weather it is fake or real Eviee will go run and grab the towel off my stove and come wipe your tears and tell you sorry. SWEETEST THING EVER!
  • I painted Eviee's finger nails for the first time the other day and boy did she LOVE IT!
  • Eviee started attending the church nursery this month and does so good in it.
  • She loves shoes and bags!
  • Still loves her babies.
  • And Wee Wee really is her best friend. (our dog)

Eviee is so smart. I mean really. I'm not just saying that because she is mine. I get told all the time how smart she is, or how well she talks. I am so proud of her. She is the light in my eyes. More perfect then I ever could have dreamed she'd be. She is mine and Sean's whole life. She is growing up so fast. I am thankful God gave me this baby. I am so thankful that today I celebrated my 3rd mothers day. I only ever wanted to be a mommy and I am blessed and so lucky to be Eviee's mommy.
(please excuse the not made up mommy and look at the cute baby)

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Lifestyle

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you have probably seen ALOT of food pictures.Well I will tell you why. I have always loved healthy food (or tree bark as my extended family calls it) but I loved "normal" food a little bit more. But through out this last year I have changed alot as far as what I eat. And even more so I have changed alot in the last month. After taking out my lap band I ate WHATEVER I wanted WHENEVER I wanted for like a week or maybe two. I remember sitting there with a candy bar one day and Eviee wanting it. Well those that don't know, I am very strict on what I feed Eviee. I have been since the day she was born. Breast feed, organics as much as possible, no sugar (now I will give her a tiny bit depending on the occasion) and absolutely nothing fried. Anyways so I usually never eat things around Eviee that I wouldn't want her to eat but that day for some reason I did. Telling her no that it was bad for her was just like a slap in the face. I mean hello!!!!! So fast forward a month give or take and I happy to say that I have made a lifestyle change. I have done so good. I have not done perfect but I have done good. I am very proud of myself. And to top it off these last few days Eviee and I have been on a 90% clean diet! I am just trilled. I have been wanting this lifestyle to click with me so bad. Like I said I have always loved healthy foods and kinda always felt like a heath fanatic deep down but just couldn't commit to it completely. Anyways so I thought I would post some of the things I have been eating.

These are some of my favorite things right now. You should try them they are all really good!!!!
My sister (Ashee) says she would die living in my house. Its funny I feel the same way about her house!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Wondering mind

Some things have taken over my mind these last few weeks and most I can't seem to shake loose.

Like for the first time in 21 months actually 25 months I have had that overwhelming desire to have another baby. If your thinking about my other post a while back I said "i didn't really want another THEN but that Sean did and for him I would do anything along with alot of other reasons as to why we should, but now I do have that desire. What scares me along with some reason I care to not mention to the VERY few followers I have is everything that has gone wrong in the past and everything that could go wrong in the future.I absolutely can not handle another miscarriage or worst. I can't say good bye to another child of mine. I just can't. I also still have all my selfish (for Eviee) reasons not to have another one. I grew up as did Sean where you didn't just get things at a drop of a hat. Money was really tight and I know I always heard "we don't have the money". I know my mother saved from the moment school let out for the summer for new clothes for the fall. You only ever got anything if it was Christmas or your birthday. I'm not saying that is bad but I don't want that life for Eviee. I want to be able to give her everything she needs without wondering where the money is going to come from. But as I have said before this subject really needs its own post as I could go on and on.

I have been thinking alot about a certain person lately. I can't get them off my mind. I really don't know why this is. Maybe it's a sign from God to seek out this person and let them know that I am here and I really do care. But I hate rejection of any kind. This person and I have a past and long past good and bad. (not so bad but) . We have tried to keep up our relationship. I have tried telling this person how I feel and what I want but they never seem to hear me or care so once again we are at a off. I just hate it. It person used to be a big part of my life and now .... Anyways their on my mind.

Ive been thinking about my house too much lately. Ugh it needs alot of work and alot of work cost alot of money. But there is so much that has to be changed and alot that we want changed.

People need to really put ALOT OF FREAKING THOUGHT into whom they are going to have children with. UGH! But that's all I'm going to say on this.

I need to make a trip to Dallas in July. Anybody want to go with ???? It wont be a fun trip for you as it is for my Mary Kay business but at night we could party!!!!!!! LOL (if I get to go Sean will beat home with Eviee)  :( it'll be a three day trip for me.

Anyways there is so much more on my mind but Eviee is ready for momma.