Sunday, May 12, 2013

21 months old

Yep you read right! The noodle is 21 months old ALREADY! (I'm saving you chill)

ANYWAYS.... this is what Eviee has been up too lately.

  • Eviee is speeching on a older two year old level!!! She talks so well and will repeat everything you say.
  • Eviee is working on learning all of her colors right now. She knows pink, green, purple, and blue. yellow, and purple so far. It only took two days to teach her those!
  • She is potty training and is doing very well.
  • She is also learning her animals and all the sounds they make. She knows dog, cat, frog, cow, bird, snake, loin, and sheep.
  • She is definitely testing her limits more and more every day! We have sat in time out a few times now.
  • We are working on counting to 20 now. She has 1-10 down!
  • Speeching of counting if I am having to get on to her I will count 1 then Eviee will say 2 and then I'm just done I mean I done forgot what she was doing anyways being so cute to count with mommy. (someone knows how to get out of being in trouble)
  • She is throwing EVERYTHING she gets her hands on! EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
  • Eviee loves to throw herself on the ground if she doesn't get her way. Seans temper for sure ;)
  • Loves to be outside. We are so happy for this weather.
  • Eviee loves rocks and sticks. First thing she picks up when we go outside.
  • Loves flowers.
  • She is getting a little more picky with her eating but over all she will still eat just about anything you give her.
  • Is running everywhere.
  • Loves to color.
  • Loves water.
  • Still hates to brush her teeth.
  • Still does not sleep through the night!!!! (any sleep doctors reading my blog???HELP)
  • Loves to sing songs.
  • Eviee loves to dance. (every morning now and then we watch Mickey Mouse club I know I know but I have to wake up people anyways and they dance to the hot dog song well these pics are Eviee dancing to the hot dog song in her tutu bathsuit she just had to wear)
  • If you are crying weather it is fake or real Eviee will go run and grab the towel off my stove and come wipe your tears and tell you sorry. SWEETEST THING EVER!
  • I painted Eviee's finger nails for the first time the other day and boy did she LOVE IT!
  • Eviee started attending the church nursery this month and does so good in it.
  • She loves shoes and bags!
  • Still loves her babies.
  • And Wee Wee really is her best friend. (our dog)

Eviee is so smart. I mean really. I'm not just saying that because she is mine. I get told all the time how smart she is, or how well she talks. I am so proud of her. She is the light in my eyes. More perfect then I ever could have dreamed she'd be. She is mine and Sean's whole life. She is growing up so fast. I am thankful God gave me this baby. I am so thankful that today I celebrated my 3rd mothers day. I only ever wanted to be a mommy and I am blessed and so lucky to be Eviee's mommy.
(please excuse the not made up mommy and look at the cute baby)

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