Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Tidbits

I stole the title from a friend (is it stealing if everyone uses it?) I'm not good at coming up with titles and I've been trying to post this since Monday so I thought it fit. (Plus some added goodness)
  • We officially have a week until we are on Vacation! SCREAM!!!!!!!! I am so freaking happy!!! Counting down the days!

  • Speeching of counting down the days my birthday is Sunday! SCREAM AGAIN BUT IN A BAD WAY! I hate hate hate getting older. Yes I know it beats the alternative. Yes I have a wonderful life WONDERFUL but I just don't like getting old. That is all.
  • Last week I made homemade laundry detergent and I LOVE IT! A few of my friends weren't to trilled with it and I figured I would be the same way (I am a convenience kinda girl) (and I love my clothes to smell FABULOUS) but I love it! Sean's work clothes seriously look like you ran them through grease when he gets home and this stuff got it ALL OUT!!!! LOVE not sure I will ever go back. It cost me less then $7 for all the ingredients (and I still have tons left)  I had to buy a 5 gallon bucket which was less then $5 then something to put it in that would fit in my cabinet $6 so less then $20 to get started and all I will have to pay out is $1 for the only ingredient you have to buy each time you make it. Guessing by how much we have I wont be making any for at least 6 months!!!! AMAZING! And it's all natural right up my ally!
  • My sister and I have made up a summer bucket list to do with all the kids. I am so excited to spend the summer out and about. Eviee has been too little the last two summers to really do alot of things but not this year. (within reason) I will post our bucket list this week.

  • Monday we had all my family over for a BBQ! I just love having everyone over. (until they leave and it takes me two days to clean my house back up) LOL
  • Since Texas is really more for my birthday (that's what I'm telling myself) the only other thing I could think to tell Sean I wanted was of course a pedi! I am not going to the beach with messed up looking toes! NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN!
  • Yesterday was a great day for me! I started off the day walking at our local walking trail. My MIL is out of town so Eviee and I are taking care of her puppies. So yesterday we decided to pick them up and go walking! Then through out the day I did my squats (ladies you've got to do them) and lifted weights and I finished up the night with running! YES ME I RAN FOR A LONG TIME! Hoping the weather stays nice so I can go running again tonight. I have been waiting for this day to come. I always say I feel like I am a health nut deep down well I have also felt like I am a runner just never could get going. But I did it! I started! SO HAPPY!
  • Poor Eviee mommy is SO OBSESSED WITH MONOGRAMS anything I can put her name on or initials  HAS IT! OMG LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Sean and I have finally decided there will not be anymore babies coming out of this momma, at lest for a few years. I think I just felt pressured by the fact that everyone I know has two children or are  planning on their second child. But it's just not the right time. I mean I have that desire to have another one bad right now but I still can't get over all the things I want for Eviee and myself. I would love nothing more then to be at my goal weight, Eviee be at least three but really more like 5, for Sean and I to be in our forever home and him working a Monday thur Friday job. And not 12 hour days. And do some traveling. So that's what we are shooting for. And I am happy. The stress of having another child is gone. And for me that's the way it's suppose to be. STRESS FREE. Now I'm not going to say that I wouldn't be TRILLED if we had a surprise (well maybe I'm a planner) and I'm not going to say things may not change or I may get all excited with all these new babies but for now our plan is to wait.

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