Thursday, January 30, 2014

I want to be June

  • My noodle is sick! Flu and the croup! Poor thing. She has never been this sick in her small little life. I feel helpless. I keep praying for The Lord to take it from her and give it to me. Bless her little heart. Praying for a fast recovery.
  • As I am typing this my phone rings. It's a number I do not know. I answer it. It was the doctor we saw yesterday morning (whom we were supposed to have seen this morning for another flu test but we didn't cause we went back to another clinic last night and she tested positive) called me. He told me yesterday that one way or another even if she was fine and dandy this morning to please call him and let him know how she was, so I did. I of course talked to his RN. But just now he called me himself! Only one other time in my life have I actually had THE DOCTOR call. He had already received the message from his RN but wanted to call and check on Eviee and make sure she was OK and to tell us to call if we need to be seen or if there is anything he can do for us. I just love good people. And good doctors.
  • Apparently I drink so much coffee that my daughter is confused even in her sick state when mommy doesn't have coffee in her hand! Maybe I should change this??? Yea I didn't think so either! It runs in my family. And I have no doubt that when she is old enough she too will love coffee.
  • I can't believe that in a few days my boutique will open. I am SO FREAKING OUT HERE!!!! What if people don't like what I have? What if they don't like my prices? What if? What if? I can't stop. I keep praying to The Lord to please bless this company. That I promise I will bless others as well. It is really scary to start something like this. This isn't me joining the Mary Kay team (which btw I am still doing if you need anything) this is all me. Starting this from the ground up! MY own money going into this. If it flops.... maybe I shouldn't think about that right now. Just so thankful for everyone liking my page. Enough likes surely I will find somebody who likes what I have. (ok I feel a little better getting that off my chest)
  • Can you believe it is already about time for Valentines Day? Not that that's a big deal or anything, just that time is flying by insanely fast!
  • I have no idea what the heck I am going to do for dinner. I am typing this post with Eviee asleep in my lap. She doesn't want to be put done. And I am sure as heck not going to put her down to cook dinner or wash clothes. Humm Maid please???
  • I need a new blog design. Anybody want to take care of that for me?
  • I really want to find "our" church. I am having major with drawls .We went to this one church this last two Sundays but I think we have both decided that it isn't "our" church. I'm just ready to be back in the swing of things again. I miss FBCGW!!!!!!!
  • Sean has been working a lot of crazy hours lately. I have a friend who always says that when her husband is gone she is a single parent. I never really "got it". Even back in AR Sean worked way more then he does now but I'm starting to feel like she does. What's it like to have a husband who leaves for work at 730am drops the kids off at school (not that mine is big enough but stay with me) then heads to work. He gets off work stops by the flower shop walks in the door at 5pm looking like he just steps out of the T.V. Wifey has dinner ready (which just for the record I almost always do)(except today it won't happen today)(and maybe tomorrow). You know what I'm talking about??? Like Leave it to Beaver! That's what I want. I want to be June! Daydream time!!!

Well I guess that's about all I got for ya. I know you just love reading about my exciting life. :)


  1. Ahhh, I hate to see/hear of babies being sickly. Breaks my heart.. I'm praying she recovers quickly and that you don't get it! Praying Jesus does a sweep of your whole home and takes all sickness out.. I'm excited for your little business and I hope it is very successful and brings your family so much joy! :)

  2. Oh, and yes, I do love reading about your exciting life!!! :)

  3. Kyla, you might just be the only person, but I'm so glad your here!!!