Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Loves Boutique, How it came to be.

Do want you love and you will never work a day in your life.
Anybody that knows me, knows that I am crazy in love with babies, baby clothes, kids and kids clothes. So it only made since to open a children's boutique, well that and dressing Eviee is my like my favorite hobby EVER!!! I love finding new and "rare" clothes to put her in. I don't want her dressed like the other ten girls in her Sunday school class (not saying that's bad but not for me). I want her to shine! I want her to stand out!!!
So this year I was starting to get the "itch" if you will about wanting to go back to work, only I didn't mean 40 hrs plus a week, or anything where I had to show up to work at 8am, or answer to anyone, or do what anyone told me or anything where I would have to put Eviee in the care of somebody else most of the week. HA! So with a lot of prayer and my husband so faithfully believing in me I decided to open Little Loves Boutique.
This Boutique is hopefully going to allow me to continue to stay home with my little love (wondered where I got the name???) and have something for myself. I absolutely love shopping and little peoples shopping is even better. It has definitely been an adventure starting this as I have NO experience in opening a business but it has been fun never the less. (take that back, I actually opened  a Target store back in my HR days but anyways)
Little Loves Boutique will be mostly little girls clothing 0-10 in sizes but I am working on getting some boys clothing as well as "other" items. Two nights a week we will hold a sale. Items are limited! Like I said I don't want my child or anybody else's wearing the same outfit as all the other children. I want to make my child and everyone else's stand out! We are not Walmart people! There will be NO CAMO despite my husband best try. There will be NO CARTOON picture on anything! Our clothing is made for play, pictures, church, anything! Comfortable, affordable, stylish boutique clothing. NOTHING OVER $50.00!!!! EVER!
Little Loves opens February 3 at 7pm. Right now sales will be Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-9 pm but this may change. Each night we will have different items. Each night there will be different sizes available, and once again items are limited!!! Get them while you can.
I'd also like to Thank everyone who has helped spread the word about Little Loves. It is really times like these when you find out who has your back and who doesn't you know? It has totally melted my heart seeing good friends, new friends, friends I don't even know, like and share my page but it has really been nice to see friends I haven't talked to in forever and who have no children of their own like and share my page. The Lord has truly blessed me with wonderful people. And I love my people. Thank you everyone! I love you all I am so excited to see where The Lord takes this business!

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  1. You are going to do GREAT! I can't wait to get there this weekend and see all your merchandise!!!