Sunday, February 9, 2014

30 days of clean eating

Back in the day, Sean and I ate "clean" about 85% of the time. We felt SO good. I was a lot skinnier. And we just liked it. We'll that train came and went. We have tried so many times to get back on but just hadn't been able to stick to it since.
When Eviee started eating "real" food, we said from the beginning that she would not eat fired foods, sugary foods, foods with dye, caffeine, anything that was not somehow giving her the nutrients that she needed. And I have to say for the most part we have stuck to that for her. I would say she eats about 87% clean. But Sean and I....
So that brings me to yesterday.  Yesterday was the day. The day I felt so bad about myself. Hated the way I looked (which having a sick child for almost two weeks, not having your nails done, eye brows waxed, hair fixed, makeup on in who knows how long will do that to you), feeling like a bad mother for letting my child have a MINI cupcake (not saying you are a bad mom if you let your kid have one, I just don't like it for my child)(I am not judging you). I feel so ran down. I am so tried lately, having way too many headaches, can't sleep at night (could be all the coffee??? Nah no way).... The list could go on and on. So I am going to change this. This is what is happening for me and my family starting tomorrow.

  • I hereby state that as of midnight tonight (Feb.10) I am giving up my beloved coffee. Yes you read right. This is by far I think going to be the hardest part for me. I drink a pot of coffee a day! And then some if Starbucks is anywhere close to where I'm shopping. But that's it, NO MORE COFFEE.
  • Sean is giving up his beloved coke and sweet tea! This is big y'all!!! BIG!!!! I hate sweet tea (I know, totally not a southern gal if you don't like sweet tea... whatever) and coke I usually only drink it every now and then if we go out to eat. But no more for either one of us.
  • Sugar is gone!
  • Goal daily is to drink 8 bottles of water each. This wont be hard for me but Sean.... (Eviee drinks water everyday so she want know anything different)
Basically if it is not fruits, veggies, nuts, meat and only natural or organic, whole grains, we are not eating it!!!!!
We are not doing this to loose weight although I know we will, we are doing this because we are tried of feeling tried after sleeping all night (after Sean sleeps all night), we are tried of hurting, we are tried of telling our daughter that she can't have something we are eating cause it isn't good for her while shoving it down our throats. We miss that good feeling we once had. We want to be healthy. We want to raise our daughter in a house that eats healthy foods. What your children see you do, they will do.
So we are starting with a 30 day goal. 30 days is longer enough to be able to feel a difference in our bodies but its not to long where we will get tried of it, feel deprived and give in to the amazing Mexican place down the street (which by the way is totally AMAZING). 30 days will come and go and I am excited for the change.

Ill be cooking for these too source for the most part over the next 30 days if you want to give it a try too. this one has some really good recipes that you can print out!

And this I have at home. It's what Sean and I used before and are trusting it to do it again!

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