Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sick Baby and Super bowl

Well it's been five days since Eviee started showing signs of being sick. She started running a fever Tuesday night and by Wednesday morning we were at the Doctors. I was pretty sure as was the Doctor that she had the flu based on her symptoms. But her flu test came back negative. The doctor and I both agreed that until we had a positive test we did not want to medicate her, in the off chance that it was not the flu. So he told me to bring her in the next morning and we would have another flu test ran. By this point it hadn't even had been 24 hours since she started running fever and now she would not eat and had started to develop a cough. We came home and snuggled and watched movies the rest of the day. By 5:00 pm Eviee was burning up. I mean I could have fried an egg on her forehead and I had been giving Motrin all day, it was not working! By the time Sean got home it was even worst so we went to Urgent Care Pediatrics. Her fever was 104.7 by the time we got into the room. She had, had another does of Motrin two hours before.

 The Motrin was not touching her fever. They run another flu test. Positive! I knew it! And they also said that she had croup. They gave her some prescriptions and told me that if she was still running fever or getting worst to bring her back as of the fifth day. Today was the fifth day. Fever hasn't left at all. And her cough has gotten so much worst. We went back to the Doctor this morning. The Doctor said that Eviee was having trouble catching her breath and wanted to a X-ray. The X-ray confirmed that she now has double phenomena. So now we have a breathing machine and some more prescriptions. I have no doubt that if it wasn't for the fact that Eviee was running around the room laughing her little bitty booty off they would have admitted her.

 She said that the phenomena is covering her lungs pretty good. They are giving her two days. If she isn't fever free in two days I am to bring her back that morning, or if her breathing gets worst even the littlest bit I am to bring her back ASAP and I'm sure we then will be walking into the hospital. It has been a rough few days. However when we got home from the Doctor this afternoon none of us had eaten anything so I made pancakes and bacon. Eviee ate!!! I am so happy. Besides a bite here and there she hasn't had a full meal since Tuesday afternoon. So we are thanking God for healing her body. We are thanking God that it is only phenomena and not something worst. This is the first time Eviee has been this sick, and it is killing me to watch. I almost lost my dad to phenomena, two different times so while this is very scary for me I am also so very thankful that it is only phenomena. My heart breaks for parents with children that are really sick. I don't know if I could handle it. So that brings me to ....
(Lots of this over the last few days)

Super bowl. Do I care anything about it??? NOT A CHANCE. I could care less about what team made it and it makes no difference who wins although my husbands is all for the Broncos. We'll in this house if the Razorbacks are playing we are on the same team. If it is any other two teams playing I always choose the team my husband is not cheering for. It's just a way to keep things fun around here ;) We started off with homemade pancakes, bacon, and turkey sausage for breakfast/lunch.  We have queso in the crock pot with about any kind of chips you could want. We have cookies, brownies, taquitos, guacamole, coke, sweet tea, and of course the best part for me... the coffee pot is on and ready to go. Usually I would do something a little more appealing then this but with a sick baby the meal for the Super Bowl was the last thing I have thought about. So let the hubby go to the store by his self and that's what you get! WHATEVER! I'll enjoy it. I was supposed to start the gym like two weeks ago and it didn't happen and so I had planned on starting it tomorrow but it looks like that isn't going to happen either so in the mean time I'm just going to enjoy it and help my noodle get better. The gym and I will see each other all too soon.
Hope y'all have a wonderful day. Stay inside! It's cold out there, and snowy. P.S. I HATE THE SNOW!

Please pray for Eviee that she gets all better fast!

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