Saturday, April 5, 2014

Some body's heartbreak, Some body's mistake, Some body's first time, Or their last time

Do you know that song "Some body's heartbreak" by Hunter Hayes? YES? Well I have a bit of a story for you, just remember I am not a story teller nor am I an author :)

So the song goes something like this... If you wanna be some body's heartbreak or some body's mistake, some body's first time or their last time, baby be mine... (PS I LOVE THIS SONG AND HUNTER HAYES MIGHT BE MY BOY CRASH)

Do you remember your first heartbreak?
Do you remember that mistake?
I know you remember your first time!
Or you last time?
Do four different people come into your head like me when asked those questions? Or do you just have one? This little blond headed boy only has one.

The year was 1994. The month was August. One little blond headed, blue eyed boy was making his way to the playground on his very first day of kindergarten. He stops. He stares. He is the only five year old boy I know that is already in love with girls. But this girl, this girl was different.
He didn't stop staring and I only imagine that his face was turning the color of a beet. He was totally smitten by this little girl. She had brown curly ringlets and blue eyes. Some people would say she was a doll baby. If your from the South Doll babies are those most beautiful children. And she was.
Kindergarten was full of all kinds of "firsts", but for that blond headed, blue eyed boy kindergarten would be where he experienced his first love. His first time of being in love.
Kindergarten, first, and second grade were all about the little brown curly headed little girl. He would come home from school and she was all he wanted to talk about. Crazy some might say for a boy his age, insane in my option, but it was love.
Third grade came and so did his first heartbreak. She was gone. Nobody knew where.
Years pasted. Girls came and girls went. But that little blond headed boy never stopped talking about the brown curly headed girl. NEVER!
During high school that not so little blond headed boy decided he needed a change. He wanted to transfer schools.
He walked into this new school and there she was. Still as beautiful as he ever remembered.
But life sometimes doesn't always work out the way we want or think it should. Life has a funny way of messing up our plans. And sometimes timing just never works for two people who know they were meant to be together. They might just say it was a mistake.
They both went their separate ways. Both married and divorced. Both with children. Yet life has never felt right. They both feel like they don't belong. Like something is missing. The puzzle pieces just are not fitting like they should. Until one day...
A few months shy of 20 years has passed since the moment his eyes caught hers. 20 years have passed with something always not so right. But as I would say God knew what he was doing all along. Sometimes people wonder why we have to go through hard things in life. Why people die. Why people get married and then divorced. They don't understand. But I do. If you never went through any heartache you would never be able to appreciate the good you have. And you might not be able appreciate the person whom you were made for. And maybe they you.
20 years has come and gone. And these two people keep finding there way back to each other. They both have a past. But they both also have a future. And a future together is want they want, and will have come June 7 2014! After 20 years of daydreaming about that brown curly headed little girl on the playground he is finally going to make her, his bride!

This story is real. The peoples names and their connection with me I will share with you on a later date. But I had to write this. Some people think it's crazy, and some thinks it's insane, and some will never understand. But this story is true. And this story I am praying will end with something like this...

We got married June 7, 2014. It's been 20 or 30 or 40 years since that day. That day when that little blond headed boy made that little brown curly headed girl his bride. That now gray headed man and his now gray headed bride are sitting on their porch swing watching their grand kids play.  She is his last time :)

More to come on this TRUE STORY!