Saturday, June 7, 2014

Five for Friday!

  1. This little thing will run away from me, hide her head, or just flat out throw a little fit if I ask her to take a picture! I mean it is insane! But the last couple of days she has been asking me to take her picture and I am loving it!
  2. So in my last post I talked about how Eviee does not sleep anymore.... Well last night we made a late run to the store. We let her run all over it and I do mean run! We came home already pasted her bedtime and made a bowl of oatmeal. (hints the late night run to the store) She is always waking me up telling me she is hungry. I got to talking with a friend the other day who's son also does the same and she said oatmeal right before bed LIKE RIGHT BEFORE will keep him asleep ALL NIGHT! While I have thought about this and tried it before along with other things to keep her full we decided to let her pick out which oatmeal she wanted. We came home and she ate just about every bit. And even better... she slept until 4am! Then at that point I just brought her to my bed cause daddy was already up and getting ready for work. So I would say that is a score! Yes you read right 4am wake up time is a score!!! Now tonight is a different story. She did not want her dinner, or oatmeal and has tossed and turned so much tonight (1:45am right now) that I can not sleep. WHATEVER!!! This time will be gone before I know it and I WILL miss getting up all hours of the night. RIGHT???? This picture was taken last night before we headed to the store.
  3. Eviee and I spent a few hours today looking around town for birthday decor. Any idea where I was or what theme we are doing?

    I really wanted to do a "Sweet Summer Time" theme with watermelons and what not but Sean didn't care for it and I just couldn't find any cute decor to go with it so I changed my mind. This was the invitation for the summer time party. I thought it was so cute!!!!
  4. Today was National Donut Day! I bet it made A LOT of cops happy? You think? Is that mean??? HAHA Anyways maybe my husband should be a cop cause he LOVES donuts! And not just any donuts Krispy Kreme donuts! They always give you a free one hot out of the oil (it really doesn't sound good when you put it like that does it???) but today you got to pick whatever one you wanted and he wasn't going to miss that.. and I didn't say no ;) Having donuts or anything close to it is a BIG treat in our house. We just do not let Eviee eat things like that and when we do give in and let her have something sweet she usually won't eat it but a donut..... She's her daddy's daughter! And I kinda adore this picture!!!!
  5. So there you go. We had our donut yesterday and today Saturday marks mine and Seans two day challenge. For the next two days he and I are ONLY eating RAW fruits and veggies!!!! Wish Sean lots of luck. Thankfully I love them I just happen to love a lot of the bad food too HAHA but Sean he would much rather have a super sweet ice tea and a hamburger! But summer is here and I love all the fresh choices. Eviee's birthday is coming up soon and we are having family pictures done and I want to loose a few pounds at least! Wish us luck!!! And for the record our fruit bowl always looks like that! That thing weighs a ton!!!! 
    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. We are headed to the farmers market in the morning and then on too either the Zoo or hiking!


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