Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sweet Summertime

We woke up early this morning headed down to Cherry Street for the farmers market. I love the farmers market. I love looking at all the fresh produce and seeing all different types of people walking around.  And I love taking my All'asta Market bag with me!!!!!! ;)
Before we moved back to the Tulsa Area my sister and I used to always go to the one back home and I would buy most of my produce from there but now I end up going to the store on Friday forgetting all about the farmers market until late that night so this is what I buy... Eggs and Soap!
After the farmers market we decided to head to the mall. I received a Bath and Body Works gift card for my birthday from a sweet friend. I haven't been there in FOREVER!!! Eviee and I were in there for a least an hour smelling all the goodies.
And of course Eviee had to play on the toys.
We came home and grabbed some lunch and took a nap! Eviee and I both napped for a couple of hours!!! Day one of fruits and veggies...
After that we went to the park.  
We had a great time! Eviee loved "exploring" and picking up all the "nuts". Swinging with Daddy was icing on the cake!!!!
And we finished up the evening with dinner and a strawberry Popsicle!
Hope your Saturday was wonderful!

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