Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wrapping up Summer

Well it has been just a hair short of forever since I lasted blogged and honestly I haven't really missed it. We started off the summer with a two year old girl just running park to park and wasting away the day at the zoo but that was short lived.

The weather is insanely hot for this I am sure I was meant to live FAR up North girl here and I started working. So here we are a just a few days before our summer officially ends ( we start back to school three days a week next week) and we haven't crossed off half of the things to do on our summer bucket list (thank goodness my child can't read), but that's ok!
We have had a wonderful Summer! We have spent quite a bit of our time at the splash pad, a little at the pool (VERY LITTLE), more time at the zoo, of course the mall and Target too (am I starting to rhyme?). We have park hopped, and play dated the summer almost to a close.
I am sad. I hate the heat but the freedom of summer makes me happy (yes even for a stay at home mom with a two/three year old). Summer is just a special time and even more so when you have the cutest little three year old to share it with!
But with summer coming to a close and me now having a three year old (TEARS) fall brings so many new possibilities  that I can not wait for. Not to mention that Fall is my all time most favorite favorite season EVER!!! Hello Pumpkin Lattes! Hello Pumpkin EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
Pumpkins, and Apples, and coffee (ok that's all year round here but still) and cider, leaves changing colors and falling to the ground so little three year old feet can find the crunchiest ones to step on. Fall family pictures and cool crisp breeze. Sweaters and boots. Blankets and ban fires. GIVE ME A SUPER KINDA OF HAPPY HEART! I adore Fall!

I am working for a wonderful church with some of the most sweetest women I have ever met! Taking this job, heck going and speeching with the director (my now boss) was a big step! I never wanted to go back to work. I wanted to stay at home with Eviee FOREVER LOL but she missed MDO so badly and I wanted to know the place and people I would be leaving my child with O and make some friends around these parts so naturally I took the job! And I am thankful I did! I am thankful I was given the chance. Not a lot of places would have given a stay at home mom of three plus years a job HA!
But I love my job! Children are just my passion and my calling and I could just eat every single one of them up! I miss Eviee SO MUCH during the day, heck I miss her right now while she is asleep but I enjoy what I do so much and I have a great co-teacher and group of women I get to work with and some really stinkin cute kiddos I got to meet last night! Eviee has a blast and can't wait to go back to school the next day! So it's a win win!  Summer is closing up quick but it's not done yet. The next few days we are going to try and mark a few more things off our bucket list!  I can't tell you that I will be back to blogging more but I'll be around.
And a flash back to our last two summers.....
July 14, 2011. I have no idea how hot is was outside that day all I know is I became a mommy that summer day!
2011 summer was spent with my feet up inside a COLD house for the first part of the summer and the last part I was living my dream!
Summer of 2012. Eviee was 11 months old here.
Happy 1st Birthday Eviee!
2013 Happy 2nd Birthday Eviee! (psst this is her wee wee dog she always talks about)
Starting MDO at our beloved church back home!

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